12 Easy Cocktails for Your Next Backcountry Trip


There’s nothing better than reaching camp, setting up your tent, and hanging out under the stars… with a cocktail in hand. On shorter trips where weight isn’t an issue, bring some extra fun ingredients and enjoy a drink in the great outdoors. These drinks can be mixed up in your camp mug and enjoyed right by the fire.

Disclaimer : Bringing glass into the backcountry is never a good idea. So grab a tumbler or your favorite boxed vino and hit the trail! If you’re craving some harder booze, snag a container and fill her up. Label your drinks. (No one wants to accidentally chug vodka thinking it is water!) Lastly, don’t ruin it for everyone else—take your trash back out with you!

Here’s a list of our favorite campfire cocktails. Sip & enjoy!

1. Campfire Whiskey Cider

Ingredients : Instant hot apple cider mix, your favorite whiskey

This is one for chilly nights spent bundled up under the stars. Boil water, and then add the hot cider and your favorite whiskey.

2. Tent-Side Hot Toddy

Ingredients : Tea bag (cinnamon tea works fantastically), honey packet, your favorite whiskey

Another one for the cold nights at high elevations. Boil water and steep your tea for the suggested amount of time. Stir in the honey, add the whiskey, and enjoy.

Never take glass outdoors. Instead, bring along metal or plastic cups for drinking and storage.
Will Saunders / Gregory Mountain Products

3. Electrolyte-Infused Margarita

Ingredients : Lime Gatorade powder, your favorite tequila; salt

Mix up the Gatorade powder, add your tequila, and bonus points for throwing some snow in the cup. Salt optional but highly encouraged.

4. Vodka and (Powdered) Lemonade

Ingredients : Powdered lemonade packet, your favorite vodka

A good rule of thumb at a busy bar is to only order drinks where the drink name = the drink ingredients. That can be a good rule of thumb for backcountry cocktails as well. Mix up your lemonade powder, add vodka. Done.

5. Dehydrated Bloody Mary

Ingredients : Powdered tomato paste, celery salt, garlic salt, black pepper, brown sugar, Tabasco packet, your favorite vodka

This one takes some prep but is well worth the effort. At home, add the dry ingredients to a plastic bag and pack the vodka and Tabasco separately. At camp, mix the powdered ingredients with water and add vodka and Tabasco to taste.

6. Worth-the-Weight Sangria

Ingredients : Red wine, dehydrated fruit mix, your favorite brandy (optional)

Seal up a Nalgene (or box of wine) and pack it up. At camp, divide up the dehydrated fruit mix, add a splash of brandy, and pour the wine into everyone’s camp mugs. Whoever carried the wine gets the biggest serving.

There’s nothing wrong with a morning pick-me-up in the backcountry.
Will Saunders / Gregory Mountain Products

7. Irish Instant Coffee

Ingredients : Instant coffee packet, your favorite (Irish) whiskey

Sure, have a drink at breakfast. Boil the water, mix in the instant coffee, add however much whiskey you think you need for the morning, and get your day started off right. Kahlua also works great here. You do you.

8. Screwdriver-in-a-Bottle

Ingredients : Instant orange drink packet, your favorite vodka

Another morning drink? Why not. Orange Crystal Light packets are a prime option for this drink. Empty the packet into a bottle of water, shake it up, and add vodka.

9. Boozy Arnold Palmer

Ingredients : Iced tea mix, lemonade mix, your favorite whiskey

A Long Island Iced Tea might be a bit ambitious for the backcountry, but a modified Arnold Palmer will get the job done. Combine the iced tea and lemonade powder at home to avoid packing too much trash in and out of camp. Add water, whiskey, and enjoy the sunset.

10. Snowball Whiskey Sour

Ingredients : Packet of sour mix, your favorite whiskey, dried cherry (optional)

You might have to buy it online, but sour mix comes in a powder form for those who want to enjoy this classic cocktail on the go. At camp, dissolve the sour mix in water, add whiskey, and drop a dried cherry in there for flair.

Plan ahead and mix dry ingredients at home to prepare specialty drinks while out on the trail.
Will Saunders / Gregory Mountain Products

11. Bottled Rum Punch

Ingredients : Kool-Aid Fruit Punch packet, your favorite rum

This is another cocktail that can be enjoyed from a classy water bottle. Shake up a packet of fruit punch Kool-Aid in water and add rum to taste.

12. Muscle-Building White Russian

Ingredients : Vanilla protein powder, Kahlua, your favorite vodka

Get your protein fix and a relaxing buzz at the same time. Mix up the protein powder in water (be sure to get all the lumps out!), then add vodka and Kahlua.

What’s your favorite boozie beverage on the trail? Share your thoughts (and recipes) in the comments!

Written by Matcha for Gregory Mountain Products.

Featured image provided by Will Saunders / Gregory Mountain Products