Behind the Lens: Norway

Even though we are home, we can still dream of faraway places, right?
Join us on a trip through our past adventures to help us all look forward to the future.

Adventure #1:
Inste Kongen (Island of Senja, Norway)

Bagging peaks and pushing boundaries. The NEW Paragon and Maven
are the perfect fit (literally!) for any adventure you take on.

Adventure #2:
Ersfjord Beach (Island of Senja, Norway)

Add this one to the “must-have gear bucket list”. Perhaps to Norway…
perhaps your local trail… of course it helps to have a Citro and Juno with you for the trek.

Adventure #3:
Andervatnet National Park (Island of Senja, Norway)

Backpacking isn’t the only move we know… danced our way
around the world with the NEW Stout and Amber backpacks.

A huge shout out to Will Saunders for being the most creative, enthusiastic
and talented photographer we could have partnered with for these shoots.
We can’t wait for our next adventures!

Follow Will at @WillSaundersPhoto