Behind the Lens: Guatemala

Even though we are home, we can still dream of faraway places, right?
Join us on a trip through our past adventures to help us all look forward to the future.

Adventure #1:
Antigua, Guatemala

We spent a few days exploring the city of Antigua. What better way to explore than by jumping on a quad! You can zip your way around the city, or you can climb the sides of the surrounding mountains for some epic views. If you go far enough…you might even end up in the Guatemalan version of Hobbit-ton (an eco-friendly vacation spot for ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans)!

Adventure #2:
Lago Atitlan, Guatemala 

We went paragliding above Lake Atitlan – one of the only places where you can actually ascend while gliding, and land at the same peak where you started! Our hotel was in Santa Clara, so we took a water taxi over to Santa Catarina which is where our hang gliding took off from!

Adventure #3:
Volcan de Acatenango and Volcan de Fuego

We hiked all the way to the peak of Volcan de Fuego, where we sat only a few hundred yards away from it erupting. It erupted about every 10-15 minutes. Then, we camped at the summit of Volcan de Acatenango, where we could watch Fuego erupting from our campsite.

A Starter Kit For Your Guatemala Getaway:

– We traveled to all three of these places during a short, 10-day trip. More time is always a plus but this gave us plenty of time to enjoy each location without feeling like we were rushed.

– We spent 4 days in Antigua, 3 days in Lake Atitlan, and then 2 days hiking the volcano before heading back to Guatemala City for the night before our departure.

– Antigua: had tons of markets, stores, bars and restaurants. We absolutely loved Frida’s for lunch and dinner and found ourselves going there more than we anticipated. The trek from Antigua to Lake Atitlan was far, so definitely plan ahead for this! It took us about 2.5 hours by taxi. 

– In Lake Atitlan, hopping around to different cities across the lake is super easy via their water taxi system.

– The paragliding company we booked our paragliding adventure with was Realworld paragliding. If you go – ask for Christian! He is the most vivacious pilot ever. High vibes. 

– Lastly, we returned to Antigua before our volcano adventure, because our bus was leaving from Antigua. The bus ride to the base of the volcano was about an hour. The hike was TOUGH. I am very active, and I found this to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done. But so worth it. The group we did this through was Wicho & Charlie’s – HIGHLY recommend. They are so awesome, and have even assisted me after my return to the US to help me rescue the sweet stray dog I met while hiking the volcano.

A huge shout out to Ambassador Danielle Brennan for sharing her travel diary with us!

We can’t wait for her next adventures!

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