One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.

It’s ok to feel confused, unsure and without answers. It’s ok to feel anxious, upset and bitter.  We are in the midst of a pandemic that none of us have ever experienced before.

All of our lives have been abruptly interrupted.  We were supposed to be slashing spring pow, hitting the pond skim, planning mud season trips, going to the desert for some early-season hiking, or just generally, living.  It’s only natural that we are feeling an overwhelming sense of unease. Most of us are trying to adapt to a new solitary lifestyle without even realizing what that is yet. As outdoor enthusiasts, when life throws us curve balls we can usually rely on nature as a form of escapism. 

Feeling anxious? Go on a road trip, go hike the peak, do some spring skiing with your girls, get lost in the desert. Yet in this current climate, it’s hard to even get a grasp on what is socially acceptable and responsible outside your home. We are in a moment that feels stagnant, uncertain and unsettling.  Humans are naturally hardwired to hustle. It’s ok to feel anxious about your lack of control. It’s hard to plan for the future not knowing what you will be able to do tomorrow, next month or even this summer.  

Regardless of what emotions you are feeling right now, you are entitled to feel the way you do.

With that being said, we cannot control the times we have lost or the state of our foreseeable future and it’s as important as ever to stay grounded and cultivate a positive perspective.  Find comfort in knowing that we are all in this collective adversity together despite being physically separate.


Step back and savor the simplicity.  In a world that thrives on progression, take this time as a chance to take a breath and refresh.  Calm the hustle and reflect. Find joy in the simple aspects of life and take this as an opportunity to try new things that you wouldn’t normally have time for.  When you get to thinking about it, the at-home possibilities are really endless. Be productive and do things today that will fuel your adventures for the future.


Broaden your cooking horizons. Find ways to support your community. Get back into running. Adopt a puppy.  Plant some seeds. Set goals. Practice meditation. Catch up with your friends and family. Hone in on your bartending skills. Finish your home projects. Learn a new skill. Exchange playlists. Educate yourself. Do some squats. Watch documentaries. Organize your garage. Get your summer gear dialed. Practice self-care.

Take this opportunity to learn from yourself during this time of social distancing and find things that you can add or change to spice up your life.  After this lockdown is all said and done, you may find yourself more aware and grounded while fostering a higher appreciation for the everyday joys of your normal life.  Who knows, this moment of simplicity might be just the thing you needed.

Written by Alison Lofgren
An Adventure Addict, Outdoor Junkie, Thrill-seeking Enthusiast