Behind The Lens: Nicaragua

Even though we are home, we can still dream of faraway places, right?
Join us on a trip through our past adventures to help us all look forward to and plan for future ones.

Fun Fact #1: Because of its unique equatorial location, you can see 86 of the 88 constellations in Nicaragua – the most constellation visibility of any place in the world!

Fun Fact #2: There are no street names in Nicaragua! Locations and addresses are identified by their nearest landmarks.

Adventure #1: San Juan del Sur and Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

We spent our first few days exploring San Juan del Sur, which is a cute little town with tons of great cafes, restaurants, and shops.  There are tons of little bars and breweries as well with cold drinks and live music, and the vibe is very laid back and casual.  We even managed to convince the owner of the local Cerveceria to take us on a tour of the brewery, and show us how they make beer!  The nearby beaches of Playa Maderas are a quick drive away, and are absolutely beautiful! We stayed at Hulakai Hotel near the beach, so we could wake up early each morning for surf lessons. We met instructors right on the beach at Hostal los Tres Hermanos, and they were super fun to learn from. If you go – ask for Tino. He had me standing up on my first try

Adventure #2: Ometepe, Nicaragua

We took a ferry to the island of Ometepe, where we rented ATVs and drove around the island. The ferry is easy to navigate – you can just show up at the harbor near San Juan del Sur, buy a ticket, and hop on! The ferry schedule can be found here.  There are tons of different ATV rental companies, so you can just walk around and find the best deal for the day.  Ometepe is known for its twin volcanoes. One is active! It was surreal to be able to zoom around the island with the beach to one side and the volcanoes to the other.

Adventure #3: Playa Hermosa, Nicaragua

We spent the last part of our trip in the Playa Hermosa area. Playa Hermosa is a gorgeous, endless beach, and is actually where Survivor was filmed! You could walk the beach for miles, collecting shells and seeing tons of tiny crabs. There is an outdoor bar and restaurant there, with hammocks to relax in.  Definitely order a few “Monos sucios” and ask for an extra rum topper!  The sunsets there were some of the most colorful I’ve ever seen.

A huge shout out to Ambassador Danielle Brennan for sharing her travel diary with us! 

We can’t wait for her next adventures!

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