Guiding You To The Perfect Backpacking Pack

When it comes to picking out the perfect backpacking pack, we wan’t to make sure you have all the big questions answered. With SO many options out there, it can be hard to know what bag is going to go the distance with you.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you determine which of our backpacking collections is the perfect fit for you.

We teamed up with Ambassador Where To Willie to walk through the differences in our four major backpacking collections. Watch the full video comparing all four packs here or scroll through the blog and watch the collection specific videos!


Men’s Baltoro/Women’s DevaMen’s Paragon/Women’s Maven Men’s Zulu/Women’s JadeMen’s Stout/Women’s Amber
Price$299.95- $379.95$199.95 – $249.95$149.95 – $229.95$149.95 – $209.95
Suspension TypeResponse A3FreeFloat Dynamic Suspension FreeFloat Ventilated SuspensionVersaFit 
Great ForHeavy Loads & Long HaulsExperienced backpackers or new backpackers looking to hit the trail in comfort and styleMore advanced or longer hikes Those who are just getting into backpacking
Liter SizesBaltoro (M)
65L – 75L – 85L – 95L
Deva (W)
60L – 70L – 80L
Paragon (M)
48L – 58L – 68L
Maven (W)
45L – 55L – 65L
Zulu (M)
30L – 35L – 40L – 55L – 65L
Jade (W)
28L – 33L – 38L – 53L – 63L
Stout (M)
35L – 45L – 60L – 70L
Amber (W)
34L – 44L – 55L – 65L
Included RaincoverYesYesYesYes
Removable DaypackYesNoNoNo
Backpack Weights (60-65L)Baltoro 65L 4.84Ib
Deva 60L 4.61Ib
Paragon 68L 3.71Ib
Maven 65L 3.51Ib 
Zulu 65L 3.71Ib
Jade 63L 3.51Ib
Stout 60L 3.56Ib
Amber 65L 3.45Ib
* weights listed are for packs ranging between 60-65L for comparison. For a full list of weights according to collection and liter size please visit the product pages on our website



Long hauls and heavy loads. Expedition style backpack with all the bells and whistles. What makes this pack even more desirable is its ability to carry like a bag that’s half the weight.

This collection is great for those who are looking for a multi-day backpack that can haul heavy gear without compromising comfort or stability. If you are someone who appreciate extras like a zippered access to the main compartment, an integrated raincover, and ample exterior pockets, the Baltoro/Deva collection is the best choice.

“I hauled 50 pounds on treks in NZ the GC and Trinity Alps and never got sore hips!” 

– Backpacker Magazine Editor


The Baltoro/Deva collection is designed with a Response A3 The Baltoro/Deva collection is designed with a Response A3 suspension. This system is what allows these packs to fit like a glove. The Response A3 suspension system is made to carry heavy loads and allows the harness and hipbelt to rotate independently, delivering dynamic support that adapts to your body’s movements on the trail.


  • Included day pack
  • Included raincover
  • Trail access water bottle holder (tucks away when not using it)
  • Organization: double barrel top pocket, 3 entry points, WeatherShield hipbelt pocket
  • Front U-Zip opening
  • Zippered bottom sleeping bag compartment
  • 3 entry points: top, u-zip and bottom
  • 9 exterior pockets
  • Dynamic suspension, rotating hipbelt and harness
  • Bear canister friendly wide shape 



Long hikes, when you’re trying to go light and fast. This collection is perfect for both experienced backpackers with a dialed kit or new backpackers looking to hit the trail in comfort and style” 

A well-balanced design and rich feature set make this collection a perfect companion for both quick overnighters and extended trips.

With an easily adjustable torso length, extended, wraparound hipbelts, and a dynamic, breathable backpanel to keep you cool; this award-winning collection offers optimal comfortable and dynamic fit.


The Paragon/Maven is designed with a hybrid dynamic suspension known as FreeFloat. This system allows for adjustment of both the torso length and hipbelts, for a more custom fit to ensure optimal comfort. FreeFloat offers a ComfortCradle system which floats independently from the movement generated by your body as you hike. At the same time, the close fitting upper backpanel keeps the bulk of the weight close against your back to help you save energy along the way.


  • Included raincover
  • Internal hydration sleeve and SpeedClip attachment
  • Organization: 3 entry points including full-length side zip
  • Zippered bottom sleeping bag compartment 
  • Front oversized mesh pocket for all liter sizes
  • Dual mesh pockets for water bottle
  • Oversized hipbelt pockets (store phones, snacks etc.)
  • Breathable backpanel for airflow reducing sweat and moisture
  • Bear canister friendly wide shape 
  • FreeFloat Suspension



Anything from overnighters to longer hikes. Comfortable and lots of features but not too heavy. This collection fits a perfect midpoint between those who are trying to go light and fast (Paragon/Maven) and those who prefer all the bells and whistles.

If you are looking for a backpack that offers a good balance between features, weight, suspension, and price, this is the pack for you. Perfect for those who are in the market for a pack with all the features you need with no extraneous extras.

This collection has the largest range of liter sizes ranging from 28L up to 65L, making it ideal for day hikes, overnighters, long weekends or backpacking trips abroad.


The Zulu/Jade collection is designed with FreeFloat suspension. This unique system has flex panels that allow for harmonized movement between you and your pack – actively flexing with your body’s natural movements on the trail. The combo of dynamic fit and lightweight features create a balanced and agile carry. 


  • Internal hydration sleeve and SpeedClip attachment
  • Organization: 3 entry access points including a front U-Zip *excluding smallest liter size
  • Zippered bottom sleeping bag compartment
  • Front oversized mesh pocket
  • Floating top pocket
  • Dual side stretch mesh pockets with pass-through for over or under compression
  • Open air moister wicking ventilation
  • Included raincover
  • FreeFloat suspension



Someone who is just starting to get into backpacking. A great option for a beginner who is looking for a budget friendly pack that still is very capable and durable.

This collection focuses on simplicity without compromising durability. If you are just starting out as a backpacker, you’ll find this to be a great option for  multiday trips and extended trails with re-supply stops.


The Stout/Amber collection is designed with Versafit suspension, making it fully adjustable and offering wraparound padded hipbelt. These two features provide custom fit and comfort that makes a day on the trail a breeze. The lightweight alloy frame is connected to the hipbelt providing a soft breathable platform to carry the packs weight but still allows you to be quick and nimble on your feet.


  • Floating top pocket 
  • Included raincover
  • Adjustable suspension 
  • Integrated safety whistle
  • Zippered bottom sleeping bag compartment 
  • Dual side mesh pockets with top and bottom compression straps
  • Front oversized stretch mesh pocket with durable fabric panel

If you have any questions or need additional help with your pack selection, hit up our customer service team!

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